16 Fun Social Activities for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jul 24, 2013 1:21:18 PM | 3 minute read

One of the keys to making your loved one's transition to assisted living easier is introducing them to new or familiar social activities. Here at Senior Solutions, our communities have robust activities calendars with more than enough going on to fill up a day. When looking for a senior living community for Mom and Dad, make sure to check out the activity calendar to make sure there are plenty of things for your loved ones to do.

Here are 16 examples of fun social activities that a great assisted living community might feature:

Gardening Club

Communities can set aside an area outside accessible to residents - even those with walkers and wheelchairs. Involving them with each season's plantings and care will go a long way towards making it feel like home. The residents that love to garden would enjoy being a part of the whole process: designing, planting, and caring for the garden.

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Pizza Time

Residents can get together and make their own individual pizzas. Flatten biscuits by pressing on them and stretching them out. Add a little pizza sauce and let the residents choose their own toppings. The kitchen bakes them and they have a nice afternoon snack.

Root Beer Float Bar

Let seniors make their own floats, choosing ice cream and sodas.

Ice Cream Socials

Picking their favorite ice cream and toppings makes this social activity a fun favorite.

Cheese Bar

Set out cheese and crackers with fruit for a nice afternoon snack and social time.

Handbell Choir

Many residents participated in handbell choirs in their local churches. For the holidays, get a group of residents together to resurrect their talents and entertain everyone.

Local Musicians Showcase

They can be invited to come in and play music for the residents. Groups like schools, churches, performing choirs and small bands would brighten their days.

Karaoke Night

Hold a karaoke night and invite the families. They’ll all have fun singing together.

Nail Fun

The ladies (and some of the men) love to have manicures and pedicures. The staff or families can provide the service, or invite in students at the local beauty school.

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Hand Massages

Often times offering some small relief from arthritis pain, nice smelling lotion and a gentle massage is welcomed by men and women alike.

All the News

Read items from the local newspaper. Readers can read the title of an article and take votes whether the group wants to hear the whole article.

Parties, Parties, Parties

Get everyone together to celebrate residents’ birthdays with a party and hats. Have cake, ice cream and all kinds of snacks and presents, too.

Around the World

Take a different country once a month and learn about it and even try to eat a sample of food from there. Include a simple craft from that country to work on.


Book Club

Choose one book a month for everyone to read. Then hold a meeting to discuss it with snacks.

Pet Therapy

Have residents’ family members or a local organization bring in pets to visit and be loved. This activity soon becomes a resident favorite.

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Red Hat Society

Start a Red Hat Society for your ladies or a women's tea once a month with finger sandwiches and a selection of teas and juices. Invite people outside the community to join in on the fun. Connect with an active chapter in your area and ask those ladies to join you periodically.

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