5 Life Enrichment Benefits of Assisted Living

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jun 19, 2013 3:43:18 PM | 3 minute read

The decision to relocate parents to a senior living community can be a difficult one. However, when your loved one is no longer able to safely drive, take medication correctly, prepare and eat healthy meals, or make sure that proper bathing and dressing is taking place, it may be time for a move.

As seniors age, their social circles get smaller. It may be too tiring to venture out alone to the senior center, church, clubs, or to other outside activities. A vibrant assisted living community has many benefits to offer seniors and their families--ensuring peace of mind for all. Here are 5 life enrichment benefits of assisted living that you can share with loved ones when discussing a move.

zblogresident16Purposeful Activities

Activities for seniors living alone at home are often limited by physical and/or mental health and mobility issues. When your loved one is a member of a thriving assisted living community, the convenience of an Activity Director and a full activities calendar ease the worry of missing out on the fun!

Celebrating holidays, silly days and birthdays, enjoying performances by other residents and visitors, or just taking part in community outreach programs allow senior loved ones to achieve a level of activity that is good for their body, mind, and spirit. Our communities have something for everyone with plenty of variety to suit all interests.

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Spiritual Moments

If worship, bible study, meditation, musical reverence, or other religious practices were a part of Mom or Dad's life before they slowed down, assisted living will offer the opportunities that they may have been missing due to health or mobility issues.

Communities that provide life enriching worship services, bibles studies, and guided meditations are more likely to have contented residents.

Nutritional Assurance

As our loved ones age, the terms "good day" and "bad day" can take on a different meaning to us. Sometimes, our loved ones can find that even preparing a simple meal is too difficult on the "bad" days. When they are part of a nurturing and caring community, their unique dietary needs are monitored and addressed by knowledgable staff.

We have also noticed that our residents are happier when they are able to take meals with others and often their appetites improve. When our loved ones are part of a healthy and vibrant senior living community, regular mealtimes are a great gateway to develop and maintain social relationships.

zbloggame02Focus on Fitness

Often, senior loved ones neglect exercise and physical fitness when the normal activities of daily living become too strenuous. In an assisted living community, exercise is encouraged--but tailored to the needs and abilities of the residents.

Many of our residents enjoy yoga, daily walks, and even fun and interactive games that encourage physical activity. We understand that exercise, mobility, and fitness are vitally important to the overall mental and physical health of our residents.

Mental Acuity

Ensuring that Mom and Dad are not only challenged physically, but also mentally, is another critical goal of life enrichment at any senior assisted living community. Providing activities like Bingo, card games, puzzles, trivia contests, word searches, sudoku and other activities designed to challenge seniors mentally enriches their days and brings a welcome relief from too much television or napping.

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Are you wondering if a senior living community is the right choice for your loved one? We would love to sit down and talk to you about your unique situation and give you a tour of one of our communities. Click here to contact us today.

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