Adult Coloring Benefits for Seniors

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jul 29, 2016 12:48:59 PM | 3 minute read

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Coloring books for adults have become a popular trend that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. At Senior Solutions, we’ve realized the benefits of adult coloring and we’ve made sure it is an easily accessible option for all residents in our senior living communities.

Coloring sheets by residents at a Senior Solutions senior living communityCreative Expression Has Emotional Benefits

In general, coloring is a great way to take your mind off things. According to this Huffington Post article, “Coloring and focusing on this harmless and calming activity can … let your brain have some much needed rest and relaxation.”

Coloring intricate shapes and patterns forces your brain to focus on the task at hand rather than stressful thoughts. “The time and focus that adult coloring takes,” continues the article, “helps the individual remove the focus from the negative issues and habits, and focus them in a safe and productive way.”

Adult Coloring Exercises Your Brain

Coloring not only has emotional benefits, but you can give your brain a workout, too! “Even though coloring isn’t an incredibly demanding activity,” says this article from Lifehack, “it still requires your focus and attention while engaged with a picture.”

That focus and attention utilizes both hemispheres (right and left sides) of the brain. While you relax emotionally, your brain is running a circuit in the gym. It coordinates higher-level brain functions, such as sight and finer motor skills, to create artwork on the paper.

How Seniors Can Benefit

There are multiple ways that adult coloring can benefit senior citizens. Since coloring can ease stress and relax the mind, “artwork can help reduce feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness associated with lengthy medical treatments.”

Adult coloring can also be a great social activity for seniors:

“As it’s not an incredibly exhausting activity, it can be done while conversing with friends … Even though everyone at the get-together works on their own picture, everyone feels as if they are working together on a single, much larger project.”

Coloring could possibly have a positive impact in dementia prevention and care. During the activity, the brain gets a great workout (see above). Not only that, seniors could potentially draw connections to memories through the designs and patterns they color on paper. According to Lifehack, “[Coloring] allows both hemispheres of your brain to communicate, making connections that strengthen a variety of abilities within your mind.”

Adult coloring activities at a Senior Solutions senior living communityMost Importantly, Adult Coloring is a Fun Activity

It’s important to remember that adult coloring is not art therapy “because art therapy relies on the relationship between the client and the therapist.”

That being said, our residents still have a great time at community coloring sessions. We love seeing them proud to show off their artwork!

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