Excitement in Assisted Living: 10 Group Activity Ideas

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on May 23, 2012 1:06:21 PM | 4 minute read

Assisted living activity directors realize the need for excitement in the lives of their residents. The activity calendars at our communities always include fun group activities that go far beyond what many assume are available. It's not just bingo nights and bridge games all the time--though these are fun, too!

Residents excited about homemade drinks at Alexander Guest House in Oak Ridge, TNOne of the biggest driving forces for the move to put more excitement and variety in senior activities is the wave of retiring Baby Boomers.

As the Boomers move into senior living communities, many of them bring with them years of active living and a belief that they can still do anything they used to do.

At Senior Solutions Management Group, our activity directors are up for the challenge! They recognize the need to create dynamic activity calendars.

By encouraging a variety of activities and entertainment, we help prevent our residents from feeling bored or under-stimulated.

Here are some fun and exciting activities that our assisted living residents might embrace:

1. Outings

Consider taking residents to NASCAR races, mystery-destination bus rides, museums, opera, and musical concerts. Outings outside of an assisted living facility can take residents to places they have never been before, which encourages them to get involved with the greater community. Sometimes, it just takes one outing to encourage a group of residents to get together on a regular basis.

Residents at our communities in Tennessee and Georgia enjoy many different types of outings. Some groups of residents enjoy going to local restaurants together. Others enjoy spending time outdoors, like visiting local farms or taking scenic train rides. No matter where you are, there are many outing opportunities in every community.

2. Magic shows

Some assisted living centers periodically bring in magicians to put on a show for residents. While the community may not be in Las Vegas, residents can experience the excitement of a Vegas-style show!

BBQ Night Excitement at Oakwood Senior Living in Knoxville, TN3. BBQ nights

This is a delicious and popular event at some assisted living communities which routinely offer homemade BBQ dinners to residents.

For example, our communities often pair BBQ dinners with live music entertainment. Sometimes we even invite the whole community to join!

4. Concerts under the stars

Take the music outside when the weather permits and offer wine, other beverages and healthy snacks to residents and their families.

5. Cocktail parties

Once a month, throw a cocktail party and feature a new cocktail concoction for residents to try. Even if alcohol is involved, keep non-drinkers included by offering "mocktail" options of the same drinks.

6. Theme dinner

Some communities offer a special dinner with a fun theme, decorations, party favors and a special menu to tie in with the theme. For example, some of our communities have started doing "Around the World" dinners to explore worldly cuisine.

Another idea is to combine this one with #5. While residents are enjoying a delicious themed dinner, they can also enjoy fun new drinks!

7. Travel talk

Bring in an expert, maybe someone from a travel agency, to talk about different regions of the country or world.

Invite resident participation in the discussion, maybe there is a resident in attendance who has spent some time abroad and can talk about his/her experience. Many people have not gotten the chance to travel as much as they would have liked, and it is nice to live vicariously sometimes.

Residents with masquerade masks at Hope Memory Care senior living in Dacula, Georgia8. Music and dancing parties

Almost everyone loves music and has great memories of dances they’ve attended. Bring in a dance instructor to teach line dancing, ballroom dancing--or even salsa dancing! Later, host a dance and invite the community so residents can show off their new skills.

Many of our communities keep the excitement going with themed balls and dances throughout the year, especially around the holidays.

9. Men’s Lunch Out/Ladies Who Lunch

Residents select a spot for lunch and enjoy a little same-sex camaraderie.

10. Talent Show Night

A great way to highlight residents' talents while providing some fun socializing.

By talking to the activity director, you can easily find out what regularly scheduled and special activities are available. Most of all, our activity directors are always happy to hear about activities that are important to our residents, especially if it's a new activity everyone can enjoy.

Want to ensure excitement in your loved one's life?

Overall, assisted living and independent living doesn't have to be the stereotype your loved ones are afraid of. It can be a rewarding and positive experience for the family, and activities play a big part in it. Contact us today to learn how we've combined world-class care with the best practices in assisted living.

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