Finding Assisted Living for the Disabled

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Aug 28, 2012 11:29:24 AM | 2 minute read

Finding the right senior community for your loved one is an important responsibility. The decision can be critical when you're finding a community for the disabled. People with disabilities require specific accommodations depending on their physical or cognitive limitations. As you begin your search for an assisted living community for your loved one, consider these points.


A move to an assisted living residence is a huge step and most people want to minimize impact on their life. Usually, you will want to find a place that's not too far away from an old neighborhood, so friends and family can visit. This community is important for those with disabilities or who don't want a life-altering move.

Wheelchair access 

Finding assisted living for the disabled often requires a  wheelchair-friendly community. Make sure to consider the type of wheelchair. Larger motorized wheelchairs need wider hallways and doorways than others.

walking with a stick

Ambulatory status

Ambulatory status is very important when choosing a community. Depending on state regulations and the community's rules, individuals who are too weak to stand or need assistance moving may not meet the community's rules. Ask if they are willing to install a portable lift system in the bedroom. This will make it easier for staff to move your loved one out of bed or into the shower. There is increasing interest in providing assisted living choices for people who have difficulty getting around.

Resident options 

If mom and dad are moving into a community together, they will want to live in the same space. If one parent is disabled or if they both have different disabilities, it's important to find out how the community will handle the situation. Some will allow mom and dad to stay together and some won't. Make sure to ask.

Looking for assisted living for your disabled loved one?

Finding assisted living for the disabled requires research to understand which communities can best accommodate your loved one and meet their desired lifestyle. Keep in mind that the right assisted living community can improve many aspects of mom or dad's life. Assisted living and independent living doesn't have to lose the charm of the south. Learn more about our assisted living and independent living options in Georgia or Tennessee.


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