Joining an Assisted Living Community

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 You and your loved one have made the decision to move into a top-quality assisted living community and the day has arrived to move into the new home. This is a major life step and an emotional moment, so it's important to help your loved one adjust to a new lifestyle. Keep in mind that assisted living isn't necessarily a bad or sad thing.  In fact, it can open a whole new door to new memories, friends and fun.

That said, the newness of the assisted living community environment can overwhelm seniors at first.  Consider these suggestions so that your loved one can make a successful transition and live happily ever after.

Find a Key Contact Person

The first week after joining assisted living, your loved one will learn where things are and how to get needed services. Establish a primary "go-to" person with your loved one so that when questions arise or assistance is needed, she or he will know who to ask. This person varies depending upon the care community.  This person may be the care coordinator, the activity director, the community manager, or some other staff member.

Set Up Medication Management Procedures

One of the most important services at an assisted living community is staff assistance with medication management. During the first week, staff will likely want to sit down to review medication. Family members should try to be there for these meetings, so that there are no questions or misunderstandings about the medication schedule.

Make it Familiar

When moving, it's important to create a familiar environment so the new living arrangements don't seem too different. Move a favorite chair into the apartment (even if it's a little beat up and tired looking). Help arrange the main living area so it seems as much like the prior home as possible. Set up the TV in the same relationship to the couch and chairs. Arrange pictures on the walls in the same way they were in the family home.

Encourage InteractionImage of elderly woman playing bingo

Remember, everyone in the community made the same move that your loved one is making now. Encourage your loved one to get
out and talk to other residents. Making friends will help the first week or two to go more smoothly.

Ask Questions

Ask questions for your loved one if he or she is reluctant to ask questions. Encourage him or her to ask staff there is uncertainty
about something, such as the meal schedule.  Trained staff can help support new residents.

Participate in Activities

Joining in is a great way to meet other residents and have some fun too. Good assisted living communities provide a wide range of activities targeted especially for your loved one's interest and abilities. Ask staff to provide your loved one with a calendar of activities.

With a bit of planning, you can help make your loved one's first week in assisted living a positive experience.

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