Preventing Senior Falls: 5 Key Tips

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Nov 27, 2013 12:05:37 PM | 3 minute read

As parents age, their ability to see and navigate around the home or outdoors is greatly diminished.  Therefore, it is increasingly important that their children and loved ones become aware of these challenges. This diminished capacity to see clearly or move around can result in serious falls for seniors.  In fact, according to many national studies, falls by senior citizens account for a majority of the injuries suffered by seniors 65 years or older. In light of this threat, here are some key tips for preventing senior falls.

Preventing Senior Falls

Understand the Risks

It is crucial for you to understand just what your loved one is experiencing. Then, you can assist in safeguarding them and preventing senior falls. One way to assist your elderly parents is to develop a checklist of possible problems they might be encountering.

For instance, if they go outdoors for a walk can they see the steps?  Are they able to walk in the living room or hall with area rugs on the floor? These are just a couple simple items that normally would not be obstacles, but that seniors can accidently slip on leading to a serious fall.

Safeguard Rooms

Image of power stripLook at how each room has is arranged so that your parents can navigate easily.  For example, in the living room, consider arranging the furniture so that there are no tables jutting outward and remove knick knacks and clutter on the floor. Secure all loose wires that are connected to electronic items like computers, stereos, TVs, lamps and telephones. Purchase a 4 or 6 outlet surge protector which will eliminate the tangle of wires that can cause an elderly person to trip and fall.

Another issue that many older persons have is getting in and out of kitchen or dining room chairs.  So make certain that the chairs can be easy move in and out from the table and that they will support the weight of your parent as they sit or stand up.

Prevent Bathroom Falls

This is certainly a room that can be fraught with peril. In far too many instances, slips and falls can result in visits to the emergency room. One tip that can help you with preventing senior falls is to buy raised toilet seats to that they can use the toilet more easily, rather then having to grapple for something to steady them as they sit or lift up from the toilet. Finally, the bathtub and the shower should have no-slip adhesive strips installed in addition to grab bars in any area where they have to raise themselves, like the bathtub and toilet.

Image of lightbulbProper Lighting

As your parents have aged their need for properly lit rooms has increased.  All of the hallways should have night lights to help guide them from room to room.  The bedroom should have a nightstand lamp as well as a night light.

Proper Footwear

Footwear should match their advanced age. Get rid of high heels and toss the floppy slippers.  Buy them sensible shoes to prevent accidental spills. Look for shoes that have non-skid soles as well as footwear with fabric fasteners. The easier to put on and wear the less chance there will be for stumbles and falls.

Following these key tips to prevent senior falls will reduce the risk of your loved one suffering from a fall. This way, you can keep your parents safe and secure in their home. Looking for more caregiving solutions? Senior Solutions offers a variety of resources to help caregivers, or contact us today!

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