Dementia Care: What are the Signs?

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jul 17, 2013 4:38:48 PM | 2 minute read

Your loved one has been changing. It started with little things, like forgetting doctor’s appointments and not recognizing a family friend. But depending on the cause of the dementia and the area of the brain affected, family concerns will continue to increase. Concerns for his or her safety may outweigh their reluctance--and yours. It might be time for dementia care living for your loved one.

Signs of Dementia

The symptoms and signs of dementia can vary by patient due to the causes of dementia and the areas of the brain affected. While you only may see a few signs, here are more to be on the lookout for:

Memory loss 

Memory loss is one of the first and most noticeable signs.  Unfortunately, it can often come through as confusion or anger when your loved one forgets an appointment or event.

Difficulty remembering recent events

Memories of high school, weddings, or the birth of children are still crystal clear.  However, remembering a recent holiday or grandchild’s sporting event may become difficult.

Challenges recognizing places

When a normal trip to the grocery store becomes confusing, it may be time for your loved one to give up the keys. Many seniors are fiercely independent and will resist, but keep promoting their safety.

Difficulty forming speech

Your loved one is unable to come up with the right words. As a result, misunderstandings and disagreements can occur. Be patient when chatting with him or her and allow time for your loved one to gather thoughts and form words.

Challenges with everyday tasks

Paying bills, balancing the checkbook, or writing a letter are too much.  If your loved one can't handle those tasks, it may be time to reconsider independent living status.

Stressed making everyday decisionsImage of mostly empty plate

Normal decisions like what to wear or eat cause stress or anxiety. Watch for a decrease in these activities.  Your loved one may skip them rather than dealing with confusion.

Forgetting important details

If your loved one is having difficulty remembering an address, doctor, or medication, the situation can become critical in an emergency.


Depression can set in as your loved one becomes overwhelmed with the realization that memories are slipping away. Watch for sudden weight loss, reluctance to participate in normal activities or loss of appetite.

Agitation, aggressive behaviors

Patience and a sense of humor are the keys to surviving this stage. This is outward sign of the confusion your loved one is experiencing.

Personal Hygiene

A person suffering from dementia may neglect their hygiene. You may find them in wrinkled, dirty clothing when you visit.

Is it time for dementia care for your loved one?

These are but a few of the symptoms that can occur with dementia, and it may be difficult to know just when dementia care is necessary.  If it is time to discuss dementia care options for your loved one, contact us today, or schedule a tour at one of our living communities with memory care.

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