Technology Solutions for Medication Management

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Feb 22, 2012 12:00:56 PM | 2 minute read

One of the most important decisions a family will make concerns the long-term care of aging loved ones.  Because most assisted living residents take many medications, it is important that assisted living medication management is a high priority.  Technology advancements have improved the entire medication management process for assisted living communities and caregivers.

Technology for self-administered medications

Many seniors entering an assisted living facility still have high self-reliance.  In fact, their sense of well-being can depend on feeling as independent as possible.  These simple technical solutions enable such residents to correctly manage their own medication.

  • Multi-alarm medication reminders/watches – These programs remind the resident to take medicines at a predetermined time schedule.
  • Multi-alarm pill boxes – These store medication correctly and provide reminder alerts to take medicines at the right time.
  • Talking pill bottles – This clever product has a recording device that allows the pharmacist or caregiver to record a message explaining when to take medication.  Your loved one can play this message back anytime to avoid confusion and forgetfulness about medication schedules.

Technology for delivered medicationsImage of pill bottle

Not all assisted living residents are able to properly take their medication. Also, more serious health conditions that can develop with age often require closer attention to medication management. Here especially, technology advances offer important benefits for assisted living residents.

  • Electronic Medical Administration Record (e-MAR) – This technology makes collaboration among the groups involved in medication management much simpler.  This system tracks all resident medication-related activities, facilitates physician orders, and administration scheduling and monitoring.  Additionally, it eliminates errors caused by illegible handwriting or poor fax copy readability.
  • Barcode technology – Already in use across industries and in hospitals, bar-coded medication matched to a patient’s unique barcode greatly reduces the chance of medication errors.
  • Electronic prescribing (e-Scribe) - Physicians and pharmacies are increasingly moving to electronic prescribing to reduce manual (paper) errors and speed response times. With supporting software, pharmacies can directly monitor patient and medication status.  Additionally, physicians can directly input and adjust prescription dosages or schedules without phone or fax delays.
  •  Automated Medication Dispensing Carts and Cabinets – Automated medication cabinets provide computer-controlled storage, dispensing, tracking and documentation of medication distribution.  These devices greatly improve safety and efficiency of assisted living medication management. Automated dispensing carts provide the same level of security, but in a mobile platform for use at the bedside.  Tracking software and electronically-locking drawers protect medicine supplies.

Clearly, technology advances in assisted living medication management help protect your loved ones from harm and make their assisted living experience more enjoyable. When choosing an assisted living facility, be sure to ask questions about its medication management system, in addition to performing a quality check.

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