What If Mom and Dad Have Different Senior Care Needs?

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jul 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

SS_Mom and Dad (1)You tend to think of your parents as a “package deal,” but despite this idea, your mom and dad are individuals with their own set of health needs. As your parents grow older, their needs are going to change and, over time, may differ. When it comes time to consider senior care options, what do you do if mom and dad have different care needs?

Senior Solutions Management Group has created this guide to help you and your family navigate the delicate situation of understanding differing care needs for your parents. With senior living communities throughout Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana, we offer varying levels of care, including assisted living services, so that your parents can get exceptional care catered to their individual needs.

Knowing When Mom and Dad Require Different Care Needs

Finding the right care for your parents starts by recognizing that they may have different needs. Here are some scenarios that could help determine if different levels of senior care may benefit them:

  • Dad sometimes misplaces his keys, but is otherwise healthy and is aging normally. Mom is having substantial memory loss and is starting to get confused more often.
  • Mom is healthy, energetic, and independent, but Dad is starting to require more assistance with daily tasks, leaving Mom to spend all her time and energy taking care of him.
  • Mom wants to maintain an active social life, but Dad has mobility issues so he can’t be left unattended at home.
  • Dad has difficulty eating and grooming himself, but due to Mom’s COPD and shortness of breath, she is unable to help him.

Every family is different, but observing your parents in their daily life may reveal that because of their unique needs, neither one is able to get the care that they truly need. If this is the case, it could be time to consider a different approach to care.

Being Transparent About Care

Raising the subject of senior care to your parents can already be a sensitive subject, but suggesting that they might need to consider different circumstances can make the conversation more challenging. In some cases, couples have lived together for decades, making the idea of separating difficult to consider, even if it would offer the best care solution for each of them.

If you can, initiate the conversation as early as possible. This allows you to have a series of conversations about options before the situation escalates and you’re in the position of having to make a fast decision.

Be open about your parents’ concerns, and explain to them that the appropriate level of senior care is the best option for them to get the unique emotional and physical care that they each require. Many senior living communities, like Senior Solutions Management Group’s communities, offer varying levels of care so that couples can reside at the same location.

Senior Care & Assisted Living at Senior Solutions Management Group

Senior Solutions communities are an ideal place for your parents who have differing care needs. With a variety of care options and levels, our assisted living services will tailor each plan of care to your parents’ particular needs.

At our communities, you can be assured that Dad is enjoying the freedom of independent living while Mom is getting the individualized memory care that she needs.

If Mom wants to cultivate her social life, you can feel comforted knowing that she is participating in activities and events throughout the community while Dad is benefiting from the daily care of assisted living.

Whatever your parents’ unique situation, Senior Solutions Management Group is committed to providing personalized care that embraces dignity and ensures both mental and physical wellness for your mom and dad.

We know how challenging it can be when your parents require different care needs and navigating care options. However, finding the right level of care allows your parents to get the proper and unique care that they need, resulting in the best quality of life possible for everyone involved.

If you and your family are interested in learning more about Senior Solutions Management Group and our assisted living services, we encourage you to schedule a tour at one of our communities throughout Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Our highly-trained team can come up with a plan of care tailored to your family’s specific needs and will ensure that your mom and dad receive the best care possible.

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