Fun Activities for Seniors and Their Grandchildren

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jul 18, 2023 4:45:53 PM | 2 minute read

Grandparents and grandkids share a special bond. Your grandkids will forever cherish the memories you make with them, but it can sometimes be challenging to think of meaningful ways to spend time together. Fortunately, bridging the generation gap doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or over-the-top. Even small activities can be fun and encourage quality time.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are our simple and fun activities for grandchildren and grandparents to do together!

Share your talents with your grandkids

It can be fun and exciting for seniors to pass down a loved hobby or skill to their grandkids. These activities may include teaching them how to knit, taking them fishing or sharing your love for gardening. You’ll enjoy teaching them something you’re passionate about, and your grandkids will be able to carry this new skill with them into adulthood.

Spend time in the kitchen

Do you have a family favorite recipe that has been passed down through the years? Or maybe your family loves your award-winning chocolate chip cookies. A great way to bond with your grandkids is to spend time in the kitchen together. You’ll teach them a new skill of cooking or baking, and they will carry on your recipes for generations to come. Enjoy the finished product together, save it as an after-dinner treat or send it home with your grandchildren to share. 

Play a game

Playing a board game or cards is the perfect indoor activity on a rainy day. Teach your grandchild your favorite game or let them show you theirs. Games are a great way to spend time together, laugh and encourage friendly competition. 

Reminisce on old memories

Sharing stories from your family history is a great way to bond and explore memories from the past. Spend time going through old photo albums or drawing your family tree together. Kids love to see old photos of themselves, regardless of their age, and you can show them what Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa looked like when they were younger. Older children especially will enjoy learning about their family’s roots and ancestry.

Spend time together outside

Getting outside for some fresh air is a great way to spend quality time together. If you’re able, go for a walk with your grandkids around the community, take them to the neighborhood pool, visit a local park, go fishing, draw on the sidewalks with chalk or sit around a fire—the possibilities are endless! 

Bridge the technology gap

If you’re separated by distance, taking advantage of technology such as email, video chatting, texting and social media can help strengthen the relationship between grandparents and grandkids. If you don’t feel confident using technology, ask your grandkids to give you a lesson on your computer or smartphone the next time you are together.

While there may be a big gap in ability between older adults and their young grandkids, that does not mean you can’t enjoy some of the same activities. Whether it’s planning a trip to the museum, having a picnic in the park or baking cookies at home, seize the opportunity to make memories with your grandkids that will last for years to come. 


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