How Wearable Technology Can Help Seniors and Caregivers

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Oct 31, 2023 11:46:22 AM | 2 minute read

Wearable technology is a broad term that includes any electronic device that is worn on the body. Common devices include fitness trackers, like a Fitbit or a smartwatch. Other products include pendants worn around the neck or technology that is embedded into clothing. While younger generations have readily adopted this technology, today’s seniors are also embracing wearable devices to enhance health, increase safety and take control of their mental and physical wellbeing like never before.  

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of wearable devices for seniors and ways they can take advantage of them.

Monitor health in real-time.

Today’s wearable devices have the ability to monitor vital health signs, like heart rate and blood pressure, in real-time. Weather it’s walking, swimming or sleeping, this information empowers seniors to make informed decisions and observe how their bodies respond to various activities. As an added benefit, data obtained from wearable technology may even assist in identifying potential health problems early on, which allows for timely preventive care and medical treatment. Older adults can provide this information to their doctors to help maintain good overall health and wellness. 

Track activities. 

Many wearable devices offer activity tracking. These features can detect steps taken, distance covered and calories burned to help motivate seniors to engage in regular physical activity. By tracking progress and setting goals, older adults can stay accountable and motivated to prioritize a regular fitness routine. 

Manage health reminders. 

Many older adults are faced with the overwhelming task of taking numerous medications and vitamins throughout the day. With wearable technology, seniors can program their devices to alert them when it is time to take medications or refill prescriptions. Additionally, some devices can also provide reminders for doctors’ visits and other health-related appointments, which empowers seniors to proactively manage their overall health. 

Increases independence. 

Injuries from falls and a loss of independence can be major concerns for seniors. What’s great about a wearable device, however, is its ability to detect a fall and alert medical personnel should an emergency occur. By providing an added layer of safety, wearable technology offers a welcomed peace of mind to both seniors and their caregivers. 

Stay connected. 

One of the more obvious benefits of wearable technology is its ability to connect people. Social connection is paramount for healthy aging, yet many older adults struggle with feelings of loneliness or isolation in their golden years. With features like messaging, videos calls, social media integration and more, wearable devices allow seniors to always stay connected with friends and family. 

Ultimately, the right wearable technology will meet each senior’s specific needs and goals while providing important features like health monitoring and emergency support if necessary. When choosing a device, research your options, read reviews from other seniors and talk to your healthcare providers to see if they have recommendations. While technology offers tremendous benefits, it is important to recognize that these devices are no replacement for human beings. One of the best ways for seniors to stay safe, healthy and connected is by living in a senior living community. With access to top-notch amenities, upscale dining, diverse social programs and 24/7 support from on-site caregivers, senior living communities provide quality, in-person care that is tailored to each resident’s unique needs and preferences. 

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