Indoor Activities and Exercises for Seniors

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Dec 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Winter can be a long and boring season for anyone, especially seniors. Colder temperatures and shorter days can prevent older adults from getting outside and staying active, which can lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness. Fortunately, today’s senior living communities offer plenty of indoor activities to keep older adults busy, healthy and in high spirits during the long winter season.  Here are some ways seniors can still enjoy a healthy, vibrant lifestyle, even when winter weather isn’t cooperating!

Move your body. 

Staying physically active and improving muscle strength is important as we age because it helps maintain balance and reduce the risk for falls. Most senior living communities offer group and independent fitness classes tailored to seniors’ health and mobility needs. There are many low-impact exercises that can be done indoors including stretching, swimming, yoga and chair exercises. 

Play games and puzzles. 

Playing games is a fun at-home activity for older adults. Classics like Yahtzee, bingo, chess, dominos and Scrabble are familiar and entertaining options. Puzzles are also challenging cognitive exercises for older adults. When enjoyed with others, games and puzzles are a great way to maintain and build friendships. 

Learn something new. 

Considering picking up a new hobby or skill? Winter is the perfect time do so! Most senior living communities offer engaging programs and creative activities, like woodworking, crafts or educational courses to help pass the time while encouraging lifelong learning. 

Pick up a book. 

Reading is a great way to relax, pass the time and exercise the mind. Research shows that reading can enhance memory function, reduce stress and promote better sleep. Read about a new topic that interests you or make reading a social activity by joining a book club with friends. A book club is an excellent way to explore new subjects and discuss different perspectives with like-minded people.

Watch a movie. 

Whether an old favorite or new film, many seniors can benefit from watching movies to help decrease boredom, reduce isolation and inspire emotion. When the weather outside is chilly, seniors can gather with friends and family to enjoy a cozy evening in with snacks and their favorite movie. Many senior living communities have theaters with organized movie nights for their residents. 

Get creative. 

If you must be indoors, art-based therapy is a great way to spend your time and encourage creativity. If you reside in a senior living community, check the activity calendar for painting, pottery or clay sculpting classes that help keep hands busy and minds sharp. Organize a holiday crafting party by inviting friends and family over to create ornaments, wreaths and décor as a fun way to connect with loved ones indoors. 

If you’re concerned about an older loved one living alone, consider the benefits of a senior living community during the winter months to enhance their happiness, health and quality of life. Today’s senior living communities offer a variety of indoor activities to help older adults stay active and prevent boredom when it’s too cold to go outside. 

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