The Benefits of Technology Use for Seniors

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Mar 15, 2023 4:07:05 PM | 2 minute read

There’s no denying the prevalence of technology in our daily lives. And as digital devices become more user-friendly, intuitive and accessible, seniors are becoming better equipped and more comfortable using technology to stay connected with loved ones, combat social isolation and learn new skills.

Here is a brief look at today’s benefits of technology for seniors.

Stay Connected with Friends and Family

One of the greatest benefits of modern technology is how it improves our ability to communicate with family and friends. Messages can be delivered instantly via emails and texts from a smartphone or computer. Similarly, social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, allow for quick and easy photo sharing in just a few clicks. Grandparents can talk to their out-of-town grandchildren on smartphones or tablets, and video chat services, such as Skype and Zoom, make face-to-face communication a breeze.

Technology is also an excellent tool to help seniors combat loneliness and isolation. With smartphones and tablet devices readily available, older adults can stay connected to loved ones from the comfort of their homes during seasons when physical interaction is more challenging.

Embrace Health and Wellness

Technology today is designed to make healthcare easier and more accessible. This can include medication reminder alerts that are delivered to smartphone devices and apps that track your health stats or test results. Essentially all your health information is available at your fingertips for easy access and tracking. Ask your primary physician about tele-health services which reduce common barriers to healthcare and help maintain patient-provider communication.

Increase Safety

Many technology gadgets today can also function as safety devices for seniors who desire more independence while also having the ability to get immediate help when needed. For example, if you fall alone at home, you can quickly call for help from your phone or monitoring device. Some technology features GPS tracking that may be useful to keep loved ones updated on an older adult’s location. Likewise, other devices, such as door alarms and security systems, help seniors feel protected and safe at home.

Be Entertained

Technology can be fun and engaging, too. Streaming devices give seniors access to an endless supply of TV, movies and music whenever you want them. Online-based games and puzzles are easy to use on your smartphone and can even help keep your mind active and alert. And if you enjoy reading, use the library’s app to conveniently borrow books on your tablet or e-reader. There are countless ways to use technology for entertainment and fun.

Bottomline: Technology is a powerful tool for people of all ages. When older adults are given the opportunity to learn how to use it, these devices can lead to significant boosts in social interactions, confidence, safety, wellness and fun.

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