When is the Right Time to Move into Assisted Living?

Posted by Christina Trentham on May 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Thinking about moving yourself or a loved one into assisted living? This decision can be difficult and emotional, not only for seniors, but also for close friends and family members. Today’s assisted living communities are great options for seniors who need a little extra support with daily tasks in a safe, caring environment.

What is assisted living?

An assisted living community offers amenities and services similar to an independent living home, with the addition of 24/7 assistance from caregivers. Residents in assisted care enjoy personalized support with activities of daily living, such as medication management and bathing, as well as dining services, planned activities and a vibrant social calendar.

Is assisted living right for me?

It can sometimes be difficult for older adults and their families to know when it’s time to start exploring senior living care options. By learning how to recognize common warning signs now, loved ones can help their aging senior preserve their independence for as long as possible. 

Worsening health problems? 

As we age, the risk of chronic health conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease increases. Managing these issues, which includes traveling to doctor’s appointments and taking appropriate medications, can be overwhelming for older adults. Assisted living helps relieve the stress of managing health conditions which allows residents to enjoy a higher quality of life. Many assisted living facilities also have onsite medical staff and equipment, making it easier to provide for your loved one’s healthcare needs around-the-clock. 

Limited mobility

The chronic health conditions mentioned above can make it difficult for seniors to move safely about their home or even do daily routines, like showering or putting dishes away. Dependence on a family member or close friend can be frustrating, making older adults feel less independent and more focused on their frailties. If an older adult you love is falling at home and having a hard time staying mobile without assistance, an assisted living community may be a great option. 

Difficulty completing everyday tasks

When you spend time with your loved one, look for subtle clues that could indicate reduced independence. Are they bathing regularly? Are their clothes clean? If your senior is unable to safely maintain their living space and complete basic daily tasks like cooking, it’s time to consider assisted living. Assisted living communities have around-the-clock caregivers on-staff who help make sure residents maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in a clean, safe environment. 

Need for companionship

Seniors who live alone often feel lonely and isolated. Over time, these feelings can have negative long-term effects on a senior’s health, including cognitive decline and increased risk for depression. A major benefit of assisted living is the emphasis on socialization. Seniors are encouraged to make friends and participate in planned activities or events with other residents. 

Assisted living communities today come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s your older parent or a spouse, together you can tour different communities in your local area to get a feel for the amenities, services and culture. Contact us to find the best assisted living communities in your area. 

While the loss of independence is often a major concern for seniors considering a move to an assisted living home, many older adults recognize that the daily support they receive actually helps them feel more independent than when they lived on their own.  

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