Hope, Resilience, and Happiness: Words of Wisdom from Our Residents

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Many people believe it’s all about doing and learning things for yourself in today’s world. But sometimes, you have to listen to those who paved the way for you. We asked our residents their thoughts on love, life, happiness, and 2020. Their responses show us that we can get through anything together with love, compassion, positivity, and humor. Senior Solutions Management Group offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care services at all-inclusive communities throughout the southeast. This past year has been tough, but our residents have been staying hopeful and joyful amidst it all. Their happiness, resilience, and positivity are why we do what we do! 

Many residents shared their thoughts on the year 2020 and that even though it was challenging, love, hope, and kindness to others were vital in getting through it. 

"Everyone is going through this together, pray and show your love and concern for others." - Sue B., Antebellum Grove 

“Through times like these, a kind gesture can reach out and touch someone’s heart and make their day.” -  Betty Jo L., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

"2020 was a lot of hope and praying for the best." - Helen T., North Georgia Assisted Living 

"My friends have helped me a lot. As long as we keep busy and have humor, we will get through. This is my home now, and I love all of the people here!" - Janie D., Jamestown Assisted Living

"Keeping busy and cleaning out was the key for 2020." - Dorothy S., North Georgia Assisted Living 

"We are family taking this day by day. Staying positive keeps us going." Dovie W., Antebellum Grove  

"Just take it one day at a time and give it a lot of prayer... We all showed love and respect for one another. It has brought us all closer together." - Mary R., Carriage House Inn 

"Pray for peace and be strong and encourage one another." - Eva J., Country Gardens Duluth 

"We need to take care of each other.” - Cecil T., Country Gardens Duluth  

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 “I am thankful for remaining healthy through   2020. I am so thankful to have my 4-legged   companion Zoey living with me.” - Shirley D.   & Zoey, Azalea Estates of Shreveport


 Others shared general insights and   wisdom about love and life. 

“Love is showing enjoyment, friendliness, being helpful and considerate of others.” - Betty Jo L., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

“The past is the past, today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. Every day you wake, it’s a chance for a new beginning. It’s what you make it.” - Edyth W., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

 “Love is accepting someone no matter their flaws.” - Edyth W., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

“Happiness comes from helping others.” - Earnestine S., River Oaks Place Lenior City  

“Love is smiling, flirting, and embracing one another.” - Earl R., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

“It’s always good to treat your body like a temple, and refresh the mind and spirit to make it through life.” - Don B., River Oaks Place Lenior City  

“Love is compassion and happiness.” - Earnestine S., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

Some residents went the route of humor, sharing insights like: 

“Happiness is being able to take a nap without being interrupted.” -Lewis B., River Oaks Place Lenior City 

“If this is the new normal, I would like to go back to the old abnormal." - Brian B., Alexandar Guest House 

Others wanted to share their appreciation for the communities during this past year. 

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“I am thankful for everything the staff has done. I feel loved, safe and appreciate them more for keeping me healthy.” - Maxine S., Azalea Estates of Shreveport

"We are thankful for the care and protection we have gotten tokeep us safe and healthy" - Wes & Shirley B., Antebellum James Burgess

"Any questions and concerns we have about anything are taken care of. It is most helpful and means a lot to me." - Bob D., Antebellum James Burgess

"The workers are all so nice to you. The staff has been really helpful with everything." - Reva M., Jamestown Assisted Living 

Cherishing The Wisdom 

At Senior Solutions Management Group, we are dedicated to serving the senior community through professional care and deserving respect. We are so grateful to hear these words of wisdom from our residents. Their positivity and insights are something that we will always cherish. 

For more information about Senior Solutions Management Group and our all-inclusive senior living communities in Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina, visit our website!

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