10 Great Sports and Game Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on May 1, 2013 1:21:11 PM | 2 minute read

Residing in an assisted living community that is busy and thriving makes all the difference for seniors. While they can have as much peace and quiet as they'd like, here's a list of 10 great sports and game activities to get seniors in assisted living out of their living spaces and involved with the community:

zblogresident23Getting to Know You Beach Ball

Get a beach ball and cover the entire ball with questions, about an inch apart from each other. Toss the ball to a resident. When they catch it, whatever question their pointer finger on their right-hand lands in is the question they have to answer. This game helps promote memory as the ball is filled with questions like, "What was your favorite candy as a child?" or "What did you like to do on the weekends when you were younger?" This activity provides exercise as well because they have to catch the ball so they are up and being active and the game helps them get to know each other.

Wheelchair Bowling

Using a kid's plastic bowling set, even folks that are in a wheelchair can participate. Set up a monthly tournament or weekly games.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Always a popular activity, leaving a puzzle going in a permanent place in the community invites seniors to stop by and put in a few pieces. Make sure to select one with larger pieces that is easy for them to see.

Show and Tell

Set up an official Show and Tell time. Have residents bring treasures and share its story with each other. Set it up with a time limit to keep things moving.


A very popular gaming system for the senior set. Wii Bowling and Tennis are always in demand.

Dominoes and Card Games

Many an hour have been whiled away with cards and dominoes before they joined the community, they can keep those skills honed with game nights and tournaments.

Checkers and Chess Tournaments

Keep those motor and planning skills revving with games and tournaments of chess and checkers.


A kid-sized net and basketball can be put in the courtyard. This is a great one that can be played standing or from wheelchairs.

Tennis and Badminton

Buy a set of plastic racquets, birds, and balls. This is another great activity for those in walkers or wheelchairs.

zblogresident22Support the Local Team

Schedule a game night for the residents that are fans of the local football, basketball, baseball, or hockey team. Have the game on in the common area and encourage residents to wear their fan gear. For special events, we've even gotten a group of residents together to watch a game in person!

Activities can be planned at all mobility levels for all residents. Ensure that the assisted living community your loved one resides in keeps a busy activities calendar.

Do you have questions about selecting the right community? Contact Senior Solutions - we have communities in Tennessee and Georgia that will provide a safe and fun environment, alleviating your concerns.

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