"Aging in Community" versus "Aging in Place"

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Aug 14, 2012 11:56:36 AM | 2 minute read

Around year 350 BC, Aristotle wrote, “Man is a social animal”. Decades of research backs up his astute observation. Though we are individuals, we are also members of a group. We have evolved and thrived by depending on each other and forming close communities.

Think about this observation: With hundreds of miles open to settling, people still build their houses close to others. Finding someone that chooses to live alone is rare.

If you are struggling with the decision to place a loved one in a senior living center, consider these points. We believe that aging within a loving community is better than aging alone. At Senior Solutions, nothing matters more than knowing your loved one is happy, safe, clean and well-cared for.

Aging in place

As our loved ones age, we often try to help them stay in their own home. This is commonly known as ‘aging in place". Aging in place can be wonderful if it means mom and dad get to stay together. Consider if this the best option for those who've already placed their spouse in a care center or are widowed. Seniors who live alone, even when they are capable of independent living, are often isolated.

aging in community

Photo of ladies laughing at Northshore Senior Living community

Instead of viewing a transition from the family home as a sad last step in your loved one’s life, think of it as a chance to form new social connections in a modern and safe senior living community. As aging expert William Thomas, MD notes, “We can design environments much better than a big old house with leaky gutters and a bunch of clutter. Older people are not meant to be alone.”

Today, senior living communities are rich with activities that promote and enhance physical and mental fitness. These are very strong reasons for enthusiastically embracing an ‘aging in community’ choice for your loved one.

Choose a senior living community that puts priority on the word 'community'.

Assisted living doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter experience. Learn how we've combined world-class care with a personal, small-town feel. Call us at  678-341-1347 or sign up for a personal tour of one of our communities, we'd love to hear from you.

Simplicity At Its Finest

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