Avoid Hasty Decisions with an Assisted Living Plan

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jun 26, 2012 11:53:11 AM | 2 minute read

If it seems that your loved one will need to move into an assisted living community soon, your best course of action is to start researching and planning for this move. Though it’s no fun to think about aging parents, ignoring the situation won’t make reality go away. Important decisions made hastily can turn out to be regrettable choices. So, do some advanced planning and help your loved one make this transition more easily.

What is assisted living?

First, make sure you understand what assisted living entails and who is a good candidate for this community type. Assisted living falls between an independent living community and a nursing facility in terms of the care level offered. If your loved one will eventually need help with the basic activities of daily living – walking, dressing, medication management - this type of community is a good choice. If your loved one has a condition requiring special care, a more intensive community may be necessary.

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Where does mom want to live?

Before you look at costs and amenities, think about where mom will want to live once she transitions to assisted living. If she currently lives near you, it would be comforting if the community was also close to you. But if mom lives far away from you and other family members, but close to lifelong friends and in a familiar town or city, you need to gently start a conversation about whether moving to a new local is an option she will consider.

What is affordable?

It’s important to get a clear understanding of what senior living communities in your area cost and what you can afford. There are some financial tools available that can help you sort which income sources - pensions, social security, insurance coverage, private sources, etc. – can be used to pay for long-term care. If family members will need to help pay for assisted living, start that conversation with relatives now, so there are no future misunderstandings.

What amenities are important for dad?

Once you have a good sense of where your loved one wants to live and what you can afford, discuss what amenities are important. Ideally, your chosen community will offer a lifestyle that permits them to live similar to their current lifestyle. Think about the important key attributes you can use to make a community selection. When you visit different communities, bring along paper so you can note the various attributes and rank the communities.

Let Us help

Planning, talking with family, researching and visiting communities will help prepare you for future decisions– so don’t delay! We at Senior Solutions are happy to help you prepare for the transition by answering any questions you may have. Assisted living doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter experience. Learn how we've combined world-class care with a personal, small-town feel.


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