Understanding the Differences Between Assisted Living and Home Care

Posted by Senior Solutions Management Group on Jul 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Senior Solutions Management Group - Explaining The Differences Between Assisted Living and Home Care

A lot of seniors are opting toward home care when it comes to their retirement plan. While home care may feel comfortable and seem like a better choice when compared to an assisted living community, it may not be best for your loved one. At Senior Solutions, we believe that having all the information in front of you will help you make the right decision for you or your loved one. We offer assisted living and memory care throughout Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Tennessee. 

Differences in Care

Home care and assisted living have two completely different levels of care for your loved one. While home care will often include nurse visits, they do not include certain health care solutions provided at an assisted living community. Assisted living communities, like our Senior Solutions managed communities, provide care around the clock while home care only provides it during your loved one's appointment times.

While home life seems like an ideal life, sometimes it isn’t what’s best. If the senior in your life requires more attention, you may want to consider whether they can afford limited visitations. If you think they may be able to, you should invest in a personal medical alert device to maintain their safety at all times.

Social isolation is a major concern among seniors. While living at home may seem like the ideal option, your loved one risks depression and other adverse side effects. One of the key differences between assisted living and home care is the ability for your loved one to join a community family and to truly create a purpose in their life. Joining a community, like Senior Solutions, brings your loved one a step closer to truly enjoying their retirement!

Cost of Care

The differences between assisted living and home care in terms of pricing may seem obvious but there are a lot of factors in the price of care. As stated before, the first step is to assess your loved one’s medical needs. Home care provides the comfort of home but depending on the level of care, it could cost you and the senior in your life more in the long run. Home care comes with unexpected costs, while living in an assisted living community has everything set up for your loved one. Traditional in-home caregivers are paid by the hour, which means the more attention your loved one requires, the more money it costs.

Assisted living communities have the benefit of giving your loved one 24-hour care. If they require more attention one week, they get it, it’s as simple as that. At Senior Solutions, we believe that care should be simple, thorough, and professional, no matter how much care the senior in your life requires. We provide all-inclusive care for your loved one, care, service, and rent at an affordable price.

Amenities and Maintenance

Home care may provide your loved one with the comfort and familiarity of home, but does it provide them with any luxuries? Does it remove with the unwanted stress of home maintenance? Our Senior Solutions managed communities have that covered so that your loved one can relax and enjoy their life in style. Maintenance on a home could cost you and your loved one plenty of money and plenty of peace of mind. Senior Solutions provides beautifully maintained living spaces that your loved one doesn’t have to worry about.

Senior Solutions Management Group - Explaining the Differences between Assisted Living and Home Care

While home care may be for some, it isn’t for everyone. Your loved one could greatly benefit from an assisted living community, and it could certainly cost you less in the long run. Peace of mind is important to seniors and their loved ones. We know you care about the well-being of the senior in your life, and we recommend you look at the options available.

You can contact one of our experts to learn more information about our communities! The differences between assisted living and home care aren’t so cut and dry sometimes. Assess your loved one's needs and level of required care before making a choice and remember to contact Senior Solutions if you need assistance! We would be glad to help.

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